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CATHARSIS: A Show by Erin Laskin at Gallery ABBA

From site: News & Events

Date: Friday, October 4th, 2013

Time: 4:30 pm

Location: Gallery ABBA @ CELEB

Contact:, Misha Guth: 361-6611 ext. 1100

The premiere of Erin Laskin's work at Beloit College will take place at Gallery ABBA at CELEB

Refreshments will be provided.

Artist Statement:
Photography has always been a release for me and because of this, I chose to make "Catharsis" the center theme for my series to revolve around. This project was about turning the camera around on myself to explore the intuitive regions of my mind in order to purify my emotions. The foundation supporting its premise is composed of different metaphors. The repeating symbols throughout the series–the lamp, the red dress, the tiger lilies–each represent something personal to me. The way these motifs interact with each other, myself, and the camera tells a narrative that has allowed me to express and therefore cleanse my emotions. The collective photos portray my struggle with relying on my perception of reality and how the consequences of this misconception has affected me.

Since I was shooting this body of work digitally, it was important for me to interact with the camera as much as possible. When working with film, I am able to develop a strong connection to the work I produce because of the time spent processing and printing the film. While producing this series I created a similar attachment to these images through the experimentation of utilizing long exposures and manual flashes. These images are a visualization of my internal feelings. As a viewer, I urge you to take from it what you want.

This event is free and open to the campus and community.