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Registration Check-In/Add-Drop--Monday, August 27

August 27, 2012 at 12:02 am
By boroskaz

Ø  Registration check-in and drop/add changes will take place on Monday, August 27, from 10:00 am to 12 noon.  Bring your student id with you. If you cannot pick up your check-in form before noon in the Wilson Theatre (Mayer Hall), please come to the Registrar's Office in the afternoon or as soon as possible after your return to campus.

o   If you have no changes to make, avoid the lines and pick up your check-in form between 11:00 am and noon at the Wilson Theatre in Mayer Hall.

o   10:00-10:15 am -- Only new and readmitted students will be allowed into the drop/add area in Pearsons (1st floor).

o   10:15-Noon -- drop/add area in Pearsons (1st floor) open for all returning students.

o   11:00-Noon – Porter Scholar registration


Ø  If you preregistered for Fall 2012 (this also includes new students who preregistered this past week), you must pick up a check-in form at the Wilson Theatre, Mayer Hall.  You are allowed to drop and add courses before picking up your check-in form or clearing holds.   Turn in the signed check-in form and drop/add card at the check-out tables on the second floor of Pearsons Hall.

         ðNote:  If you have any holds indicated at the bottom of the check-in form, please go to the appropriate office(s) to get a signature to clear the hold.  You cannot finalize your registration until the holds have been cleared.  If you cannot clear holds on Monday, please TAKE CARE OF THIS BY TUESDAY, September 4, at the latest.

Ø  If you did not preregister, do not go to the Wilson Theatre.  Report directly to the drop/add area, then go to the Accounting Office for a Registration Approval form.  Turn in the Registration Approval form, with appropriate signatures, and a drop/add card at the check-out tables on the second floor of  Pearsons Hall.

Ø  If you are studying off-campus this term, check the Portal to see if you have an accounting or financial aid hold and contact that office.

Ø  The up-to-date Fall 2012 schedule of course offerings is available on line only, via the Portal .

You can access your schedule and transcript on-line via the Portal as well.