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Beloit College Benefactor Nick Karris Passes Away

December 4, 2012 at 1:23 pm

Nick Karris

Nick Karris ‘58, the man after whom Beloit College’s intramural field and the newly renovated Strong Stadium Track & Field are named, passed away suddenly and unexpectedly this past Saturday, December 1.

Karris and his wife Mary Ann were generous supports of Beloit College, always enthusiastically aiming their generosity at the students and their experiences.  Their aim, as President Scott Bierman noted in a letter to the campus community, “was to give students the tools needed to prepare for the challenges ahead, or the surfaces and spaces upon which they could test that preparation.”

The Karris’ were on hand as often as possible to cheer on that preparation and testing and to applaud students as they engaged in the life of the mind and body.  Because of that presence, many across campus got to know them in recent years as they regularly made the drive from Chicago to attend a practice or contest at Strong Stadium.

The Karris Intramural Field has been around for some time.  Karris Track & Field at Strong Stadium was completed a little over a year ago and hosted the first home Track & Field meet in 15 years last Spring.  Karris was present for that inaugural meet and he and his wife were present at the Homecoming Football Game on September 29 at Strong Stadium.

A complete obituary can be found here.