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Buccaneer Spotlight - Chris Welborn

February 22, 2012 at 9:37 am

Chris Welborn: Class of 2010

Sport(s): Baseball and FootballChris Welborn

Sebring, Florida – Sebring High School

Major: History

How did you find out about Beloit? Did you know a lot about Beloit when you first visited campus?

“I found out about Beloit at a football recruiting fair in Lake Wales, Florida. Coach Brann and Coach Pole saw some of my highlights and they started recruiting me. I was then put in touch with Coach DeGeorge and he began to recruit me for baseball. I actually never visited Beloit. I decided to play baseball only my freshman year of college and played at a community college in Florida. I really missed playing football during the fall semester and gave Coach Brann a call during Christmas and I was able to enroll into Beloit the fall of 2007.”

We are focusing a lot on Liberal Arts in Practice at Beloit; so as part of what you practice(d) name one aspect that you took away(will take) from being a Beloit student-athlete that you use in your everyday life.

“I think the biggest thing I took away from Beloit was not being afraid to meet new people and not to judge them by their cover so to speak. I am from a really small town where everybody knows everybody, and Beloit has such a diverse student body which made me guarded at first, but once I opened up I met some really awesome people.”

What (if any) accolades did you receive (Academically/Athletically) while being a student-athlete?

Athletic – Season and Career Saves leader for the school and the conference

            Season and Career Appearance leader for the school

If you could name one class or professor (mentor) that really meant something to you while at Beloit, who or what would that be?

“Going against the grain here, but there were two professors that meant a lot to me while at Beloit: Beatrice Mckenzie and Kathy Green. Beatrice was my advisor and was always available for anything I ever needed, even if it had nothing to do with my academics. Kathy as well made herself available to me even though I was not an Education major. That really meant a lot to me.”

Name one of the most rewarding experiences you took part in while at Beloit College?

“I would have to say winning the school’s first baseball conference championship in 2009.”

Where do you see yourself 5 years from now? - Name a career goal/aspiration you strive for.

“Five years from now I see myself pitching in the major leagues. I am playing professional baseball right now, but since I have an education with Beloit College, my options are open if that does not work out according to plan.”

"In ONE word I would sum up Beloit College as- Unique; talking with my friends about their college experience, no one has compared to mine at Beloit College (and I mean that in a positive way)."