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Men's Lacrosse Community Service

Paying it Forward: Men's Lacrosse Squad Works with Merrill Community Center

November 12, 2013 at 3:05 pm

Beloit, WI -- For the second straight year starting in late October the Beloit College Men's Lacrosse team has been giving back to the community, working with the Merrill Community Center on the game of Lacrosse.

Every Tuesday starting just after the Fall Break and continuing until Final Exams, the Buccaneers welcome elementary and middle school students from the Merrill Community Center's After School Program to Strong Stadium for lessons in Lacrosse.

And the program has caught on.  This year, there are about 25 Merrill students and 25 lacrosse players, so the players get to work one-on-one with the kids.

 "We have made service a focus of our Men's Lacrosse program at Beloit," said Bob Dignazio, the squad's second-year head coach.  "Our program is fortunate to take advantage of great facilities  at Strong Stadium and support from the Beloit community. With this comes responsibility to give back. In addition to getting kids excited about Lacrosse, we are using the game to bring students onto our college campus. It also connects our young team with avenues to serve on their own."

"We aren't just teaching the game of Lacrosse to these young kids, we are teaching them how character, hard work and leadership can take them to great places in sports and in life," said team member Brendan FitzGerald.

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