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Student Athlete Advisory Committee News

Beloit College Athletics Hands Out 2012-13 Awards at SAAC Banquet

April 24, 2013 at 7:56 am

Beloit, WI – The Beloit College Student-Athletic Activities Committee and the Department of Athletics presented their annual awards for the 2012-13 year on Tuesday night at a banquet in Flood Arena.

In addition to the long-standing departmental awards, SAAC developed several additional awards that were given out.

Joe Davis’10, a former Buccaneer Football player and now a play-by-play announcer for ESPN, served as the master of ceremonies for the event.

Following are the awards presented Tuesday night:



Highest Individual GPA

Women’s Tennis – Emma Beck                      

Women’s Soccer – Kelsi Brooks

Women’s Swimming & Diving – Nora Harty-Holte

Women’s Basketball and Volleyball – Leah Kruckman

Women’s Cross Country and Track & Field – Camilla Jackson

Softball – Tara Grode

Women’s Lacrosse – Dora Maslinski

Football – Raymond Thomas

Men’s Soccer – Duncan Gillis

Men’s Swimming & Diving – Richard Cotter

Men’s Cross Country and Track & Field – Jason Busack

Men’s Basketball – James Lazarcik

Baseball – Ethan Blumenthal

(Note: The Men's Lacrosse team was made up entirely of freshmen, who do not qualify for the Academic Award because they only have one cumulative semester of grades.)

Female Freshman of the Year:  Lana Wieseman, Women’s Basketball

Male Freshman of the Year:  Steve McAfee, Jr., Men’s Basketball

Female Sophomore of the Year:  Caitlin Paterson, Women’s Soccer/Women’s Lacrosse

Male Sophomore of the Year:  Will McAneney, Men’s Swimming & Diving

Inspirational Athlete of the Year:  Kandace Fox, Women’s Basketball/Softball

Record-Breaking Performance of the Year:  James Lazarcik, Men’s Basketball

Best Upset of the Year:  Men’s Soccer

Team of the Year:  Men’s Soccer



The Joe Kobylka Award is given each year to one female and one male senior athlete who have best exemplified the qualities of sportsmanship and team spirit throughout their careers.

Joe Kobylka Award-Female:  Rachel Skoza, Volleyball

Joe Kobylka Award-Male:  Jason Busack, Cross Country/Track & Field


The Ed DeGeorge Award recognizes outstanding academic and athletic performances along with a commitment to service.  The recipients will have attended Beloit at the least three academic years, have a GPA of at least 3.25 for all courses, and have participated at least three years in varsity athletics.  In addition, recipients must have demonstrated a commitment to service as a student and be preparing to enter a service profession such as education, coaching, ministry or medicine.  

Ed DeGeorge Award-Male:  Matt McKay, Cross Country/Track & Field


The Ruth Peterson Award was named for a former administrator at Beloit College and an organizer and the first commissioner of the WCAC, the women's conference in place prior to merging with the current MWC.  The honor goes each year to the senior female athlete who best exemplifies the qualities of an athlete, scholar and leader.

Peterson Award:  Erika Moen, Track & Field


The Pat Dawson Award has been given out since 1968 in honor of 1925 Beloit graduate Pat Dawson and goes to the senior male athlete who best exemplifies the qualities of an athlete, scholar and leader.

Dawson Award:  Marc Robinson, Men’s Soccer

The Blanket Award is the highest honor an active Beloit College senior athlete can receive and is one of the criteria for election to the Beloit College Athletic Hall of Honor.

Blanket Winners:  Erika Moen, Track & Field; Marc Robinson, Men’s Soccer; Jackson Wilkins, Men’s Soccer



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