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Student Athlete Advisory Committee News

Help Yourself Field Day 2011

December 12, 2011 at 2:28 pm

On Saturday, December 10, 20 middle school-aged children from the Beloit area came with the Help Yourself Program to the annual SAAC December Indoor Field Day.

Buccaneer student-athletes from Track & Field, Cross Country, Men’s and Women’s Soccer and Football helped in running the event. The Help Yourself students participated in an obstacle course around the track, pick up soccer, knock out, and two big games of speedball. The Slow Food Club also contributed fresh-baked snacks to provide the Beloit youths with healthy food after two hours of running around on the Saturday morning.

To conclude the event, Beloit students talked about the role of academics and athletics in their daily lives. They also specified their majors and where they come from. In addition, these student-athletes answered questions about academics and sports for the aspiring college students.

This event gave Beloit College students a break from their strenuous impending finals and Help Yourself students an opportunity to spend time with some quality role models.

Special thanks to Amani Edwards, Athiththan Selvendran, Duncan Gillis, Caitlin Paterson, Alex Hinck and Betsy Wynn for organizing and coordinating this event.