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Student Athlete Advisory Committee News

BSAAC Retreat 2011

December 7, 2011 at 1:06 pm
BSAAC Retreat 2011

The Beloit Student Athlete Advisory Committee (BSAAC) held their 2011 Retreat on Sunday, December 4.

Following is a listing of items worked on during the day.

*Went over new improved amendment article by article.

>We could not vote on approving the changes at the Retreat because there were not enough SAAC members present.  Will do voting at next meeting.

*Discussed making specific committees for the four things SAAC does on campus and in the community.

>This would help with organization.  Can plan events more than a few weeks before the date.

>The group seemed to like the idea.  Also liked the idea of having the executive board be the heads of these committees with members from the group to co-host.

*Discussed what events SAAC has done in the past and if we want to do any of them.

*Discussed having an informational meeting or another sort of presentation at the beginning of each year to let students know what SAAC is and does.

*Short discussion on ideas of how to involve ourselves in the community more.

>Community service

*Discussed SAAC diversity.

>We need to branch out more and attract more members to SAAC.

*Filled out an activities sheet survey to gather data about events we had done and who was involved in what.