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The Structure of Your Student Government

The heart of Beloit Student Congress (BSC) is the General Assembly Meeting which takes place every Monday at 8:30PM in Mathers A/B. This meeting is open to all students.


There are 6 standing committees in BSC: BSC Executive Board, Budget Committee, COO Executive Board, Funding Board, Judiciary Committee, and Student Policy Committee. These committees serve to carry out the processes and functions as stipulated in the BSC governing documents that the 3 main assemblies do not have the time or capacity to manage. To find out more about what these committees do, please visit our Committee page.


BSC has 9 executive officers that run the different assemblies and committees, as well as serving on the BSC Executive Board and BSC General Assembly. All officers serve year-length terms either in the calendar year or academic year. Elections are held every semester for some of these positions, and details can be found in the Elections section. If you want more information about the different officer positions, please visit our Officers section. If you would like more information on your current representatives, please look in our Contact section.

Constitution & Bylaws

BSC is governed by a set of documents that outline and enforce all procedures and functioning within the organization. The BSC Constitution is the highest document, which sets the standard for the organization as a whole. The BSC Bylaws offer an in-depth look at all things outlined in the BSC Constitution, as well as providing insight into additional dealings that the organization has.

To access these documents as well as others that help to govern your student government, please go to the Governing Documents section. The most up-to-date documents can be found on the BSC BLink page.