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Funding & Inventory

Giving Day

Today is Giving Day! Make a gift, spread the word, and help Be the Change for Beloit College!

BSC Budget

The BSC Budget specifies the allocation of the approximately $340,000 of Student Activities Fees collected each academic year. These funds are distributed across clubs, student organizations, Funding Board, Student Activities funds, and other miscellaneous management funds. The purpose of these funds is to enhance the co-curricular experience of Beloit College Students. The Budget is approved each spring semester by the BSC General Assembly for the following academic year. Current budget information can be found on the Budget Committee BLink Page.

Fiscal Policies

Note that all money spent by any club, student organization, or other constituencies funded by the Student Activities Fee must follow all fiscal policies, or risk harsh penalties. However, Budget Committee has the ability to waive most fiscal policies if you have a good reason. To request that a fiscal policy be waived, fill out the Budget Committee Referral Form on BLink.

Funding Board Proposals

BSC has, in its infinite wisdom, generated a structure for students to directly acquire funds for one-time events. To create one of these proposals, fill out the Funding Board Proposal Form on BLink.


Any purchase made with BSC money of physical, non-perishable goods over $15 in value must go into inventory. If you have made such a purchase, or if you would like to check an item out from the BSC Inventory, fill out the form on the Inventory BLink page. If you feel that your purchase should be stored specially, or should be exempt from inventory altogether, speak with the Directory of Inventory-- preferably before you spend the money.