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Events & Programming

BSC provides a fantastic number of events and programming for the campus. Much of this comes from clubs and independent students pursuing their passions and sharing their interests with campus, facilitated by student activities fees. However, BSC goes above and beyond that by providing numerous outlets devoted specifically to programming and events.

Each of these events, with the exception of Rocky Horror, is organized and coordinated by the Programming Board.  Questions, suggestions, and comments should be directed at the Programming Board for the events that they oversee.  For more information about Rocky Horror, visit its page on BLink.

Folk & Blues

Folk & Blues is the biggest Beloit event devoted exclusively to music. Two evenings in the fall and the Pearson's lawn are given over to six of the best folkish and bluesy bands that can be found. Folk and Blues is organized and overseen by the Programming Board.

Rocky Horror

The Rocky Horror Picture Show is a film about gender identity, rock and roll, terrible dressers, sexual promiscuity, and aliens. This is made more exciting with addition of a live action performance in front of the screen by Beloit College students and the formalization of the practice of heckling the screen. This typically occurs on the weekend of Halloween. The Rocky Horror Coordinator is elected by the BSC general body towards the end of each spring semester.

Spring Day

Spring day is an annual celebration of that briefest part of the year when there is not snow on the ground. For one day classes recess and everyone is required to enjoy a warm beautiful spring day. Activities include just about anything that involves enjoying yourself outside, as well as free food, music, and the occasional performance. The Spring Day Coordinator is elected by the Interfraternal Panhellenic Council towards the beginning of each spring semester.


A showcase of the punk side of Beloit College, Vortex is often considered the other music festival. A night of punk music in Pearson's hall may sound like a simple concept, because it is. It is also a fantastic experience.