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Contact Information

Executive Officers

President and General Assembly Chair: Erik Binter

Vice President and Executive Board Chair: Nicole Weber

Club and Organization Oversight Director: William Forrest McDonald-Newman

Residential Life Coordinator: Fabiola Candela Hernandez

Treasurer and Budget Committee Chair: Tiannong (Skyler) Dong

Funding Board Director and Chair: Mellody Strahan

Student Policy Committee Director: Nadir Christopher Carlson

Parliamentarian and Judiciary Committee Chair: Micheal Doran Rubloff

Communications Liaison: Marie Meroney

Appointed Positions

BSC Director of Financial Access: Weston Anderson

BSC Financial Office Assistant: Coral Ellis

Advisers and Staff

Director of Student Engagement: Jen Walsh

Club and Organization Oversight Adviser: Kelsey Schultz

Residential Life Assembly Adviser: John Winkelmann

Funding Board Adviser: Jen Walsh

Student Engagement Secretary: Kim Larsen

If you are unsure who to contact, click here. The most updated roster can be found on BLink.

Updated: 9/18/2013