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Programming Board

General Information

Programming Board consists of nine appointed members. Any Beloit College student is eligible to be on the board. These nine members, with the guidance of the Student Engagement and Leadership Director and the Programming Board Director, are responsible for planning and implementing campus programming. As stated in the P-Board constitution, the Programming Board shall be responsible for providing consistent and diverse events held on the Beloit College campus. This programming includes, but is not limited to the planning and implementation of the annual events Folk and Blues and Spring Day* as well as speakers, movies, poets, comedians, performing arts, musical acts.

The nine programming board members serve a calendar year term January to December. They are appointed by the outgoing Programming Board through an application process. The Programming Board Director is elected by the outgoing Programming Board as well.

They encourage anyone who has ideas to voice their opinions through emails to the account, their Facebook page**, or by contacting a member of the board directly.  If you are a band or agent interested in booking a show, contact the board by email at or phone at 608-363-2866.

Beloit College is a member of NACA - The National Association for Campus Activities.

*C-Haus and Rocky Horror are their own entities and report directly to BSC.




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