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Clubs & Organizations

For information about Beloit College clubs and organizations, please visit BeloitLink.

Much of what BSC does on a daily basis revolves around clubs and student organizations. A club is a group of people who organize around a common principle (which can be anything from boats to video games to politics to martial arts to anthropology to language to...) and receive money through the BSC Budget Process to advance that common principle. Student Organizations are similar to clubs but provide programming and service to the campus on a much larger scale.

Club Leaders

The keys to a successful club are informed, effective leaders and passionate members. BSC can't really do anything about generating passion in your members, but it can help you become a more informed and effective leader. The Club Leader section is devoted to resources which should assist you in navigating the byzantine structure of BSC and in running a successful club.

Creating a New Club

If you are interested in something, and five more people are interested in that same something, you can get together, start a new club, and get your fifty trial status dollars right away! Simply create a constitution (a sample can be found on the COO BLink page) and then click the Register button under "Register a New Organization" on BLink to fill out the new club form. Then, of course, you should go to the Club Leader section to prepare for your new role!

Student Organizations

The current student organizations are Round Table (the campus newspaper), WBCR (the campus radio station), Programming Board, and C-Haus (the campus bar). Each student organization has its own link in the Clubs & Organizations section.  More information about each is available on BLink.