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Pearsons Spirituality Room

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Room details:

  • Capacity: 15
  • Technology: CD player

Special Notes:

The Spirituality Room is intended to be a peaceful retreat for students, faculty, and staff to engage in quiet reflection, meditation, or spiritual/religious gatherings (worship, devotions, study, times of fellowship, etc.) Reservations are required for regular weekly usage or when you need the room on a definite date and at specific time; they are NOT required for occasional use, dropping in alone or with friends.Please use the room according to this basic intention and to the following guidelines:

  • Clean: Leave the room in an orderly, clean state.
  • No Flames: Do not smoke or use candles or incense.
    • (On special occasions, unscented candles may be burned with prior consent.)
  • Food or Drink: Do not consume these here.
  • Music: Feel free to use the CD player, at low volume.

Room coordinator: