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The Beloit Biologist 2012

2012 papers in The Beloit Biologist, Beloit College student names in bold

Caitlin E. McDonough, Michelle W. Martin, Carrie K. Vance, and Andrew J. Kouba, Frequent hormone-induced spermiation negatively affects sperm quantity, and positively affects sperm quality in Fowler’s toads (Bufo fowleri)

Jourdan K. Posner, Polygonal biological patterns: two-dimensional laws hold on three-dimensional curved surfaces

Erin P. Tuffy, Support for thalidomide as a useful treatment for multiple myeloma: a review of its clinical significance and mechanism of action

Yang Yang, Tiffany H. Blankenship, and Carter S. Tisdale, The Kalman filter combined with Hungarian algorithm successfully tracked fast moving peroxisomes