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The Beloit Biologist 2011

2011 papers in The Beloit Biologist, Beloit College student names in bold, Beloit College faculty names italicized

Hazel K. Berrios, Arthropoda abundance in a cloud forest at Maderas Volcano, Ometepe Island, Nicaragua

Kaitlin R. Carroll, The efficacy of adjunctive dexamethasone as a treatment for bacterial meningitis: a meta-analysis of randomized placebo-controlled trials

Guilherme de Souza Dias Andrade, Cyanobacterial blooms are affected chemical, physical, biological, and environmental features in temperate and tropical lakes and reservoirs

Michelle L. E. Donahue, The possible benefits of incorporating positive species interactions in coral reef restoration

Anna S. Ellis, Phytoremediation and wetland renewal proposal for the Gowanus canal, Brooklyn, New York, USA

Parker R. Gassett, The effects of pH, temperature, salinity, and food availability on shell length of Limacina inflate and L. bulimoides

Ariella L. Gladstein, Split decomposition analysis groups Jewish populations together between European and Middle Eastern populations

M. D. Jithanie Gunasena, Habitat fragmentation in the Barabarani-Losirwa dispersal area outside Lake Manyara National Park, Tanzania

Kiera N. Hayes, Ashley M. Vaughan, and Stefan H. I. Kappe, Malaria Plasmodium yoelii proteins localize to the parasite plasma membrane

Stephanie Kang, FRMD7 is not homologous to genes that induce glutamate excitotoxicity

Nicole E. Krauss and Ken Yasukawa, Hunger and condition signals affect parental provisioning decisions of red-winged blackbirds 

Aaron S. Nesser, Slow-growing meat chickens (Gallus gallus domesticus) are superior to fast-growing birds in outdoor rearing environment in a modeling study 

John P. D. Rindfleisch, Spatial point analysis: correlations between geometric and topological data from biological samples

Karis A. Ritenour, Environmental enrichment in a zoo setting: the ability to solve a puzzle feeder differs among primate groups

Valeriya A. Vasenina, Tetrabenazine: an effective drug for the treatment of chorea in Huntington’s disease

Aria A. Walsh-Felz, Pinus radiate plantations have positive short-term and negative long-term effects on soil conditions in the páramo of Ecuador

Nathan E. Whitley, Enhancing diversity: seed addition to oak (Quercus spp.) savanna enhances diversity after seven years

Aye Mon Win, Latasha Day, Hsin-Hung Huang, and David Williams, Characterization of thioredoxin glutathione reductase (tgr), an antioxidant enzyme in Schistosoma spp. parasites