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The Beloit Biologist Journal

The Beloit Biologist is a journal published annually by the Beloit College Biology Department that publishes critical reviews and primary research manuscripts written by Beloit College students.  Critical reviews examine one or more hypotheses using data available in the primary literature.  Primary research manuscripts present and discuss research results for the first time.  Manuscripts submitted to The Beloit Biologist are written for a general biological audience.  Students writing manuscripts for submission to the journal participate in the Biology Department's capstone course, BIOL 387.  In this course, students

  • develop a question and one or more testable hypotheses about a biological topic,
  • gather and evaluate information from the published literature that pertains to the testable hypotheses,
  • write a critical review or primary research manuscript on the biological topic,
  • submit a manuscript to The Beloit Biologist,
  • review manuscripts submitted by other students to The Beloit Biologist,
  • revise a manuscript in response to constructive criticism from the instructor, associate editor, and peer reviewers,
  • create and present a poster at the Biology Poster Session, and
  • create a CV or resume and cover letter for use in applying for jobs and/or graduate school.

The Beloit Biologist is published in May and is distributed at the Biology Department Commencement Breakfast.