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Midstates Undergraduate Research Symposia

Beloit College is a member of the Midstates Consortium, an association of 12 liberal arts colleges and two research universities, which promotes undergraduate educational and research opportunities in the sciences and mathematics. 

Beloit students routinely present their research at the annual Midstates Undergraduate Research Symposia hosted at University of Chicago and Washington University in St. Louis. 

Each fall for more than 10 years, the two research universities in the Consortium, Washington University in St. Louis and the University of Chicago, host meetings designed for undergraduates to present the results of their own research projects to their peers and some consortium faculty. Washington University and the University of Chicago alternate hosting these meetings for students whose research involves the biological sciences and psychology and students whose work falls under the broader umbrella of physical sciences, mathematics, and computer science. Students present in both oral and poster sessions. Also, each meeting includes a graduate student panel to answer questions from the undergraduates about applying, selecting, and going to graduate school in the natural sciences.