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For Prospective Students

Questions and Answers about Biology at Beloit College

Should I come to Beloit College to study biology?

YES, if you are interested in learning about biology at a college that emphasizes investigative learning, small classes, and professors interested in working with you in small groups. At Beloit College, you will learn ABOUT biology and how to DO biology.

Which Introductory Biology course should I take at Beloit College?

The Biology Department offers multiple introductory courses for students interested in Biology. Students can choose to begin their study of Biology with

  • BIOL 111: Zoology
  • BIOL 121: Botany
  • BIOL 172: Topics in Introductory Biology (currently Aquatic Biology)
  • BIOL 2018: Microbiology

Each of these courses meets the prerequisites for advanced Biology courses. All students majoring in Biology are also required to take BIOL 247: Biometrics, BIOL 289: Genetics and Evolution, several additional biology courses, and a Biology capstone course.

What if I have taken AP Bio or Anatomy and Physiology in High School?

If you have taken advanced placement biology in high school, the Biology Department recommends that you begin with an introductory course in an area that you have not studied. If you have taken Anatomy and Physiology or AP Biology, you could start with Botany, Zoology, or Microbiology. Alternatively, you may enroll in a 200-level course such as Biometrics, Emerging Diseases, or Cell Biology.

Are there other courses I should take in my first year at Beloit College as a Biology major?

Potential Biology majors are strongly encouraged to take a total of 3 science and math courses during their first year. All Biology majors require at least introductory chemistry (CHEM 117) and at least one additional course in Chemistry, Computer Science, Geology, Mathematics, or other related subject. It's a great idea to take some of these courses your first year.

If you have arrived at Beloit with AP science or math credits, and/or if you are eager to get on to advanced courses such as Genetics, you should consider taking Biometrics (BIOL 247), during your first year. This course introduces experimental design and biological statistics.

How do I learn more about majoring in Biology?

All of the Biology faculty members are happy to meet with prospective Biology majors. Please speak to one of them soon if you are interested in studying biology.