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Marion Fass Publications

Marion Field Fass Publications 

Fass, Marion Field, Seiter, Julie A, Stanley, Ethel and Waterman, Margaret, Case Investigations in Human Biology and Global Health, under review, expected 2011.

Fass, Marion Field and Krusko, Nancy A.  “The evolution of the health and society major at Beloit College, Peer Review,”Summer 2009.

Fass, Marion Field and Fraser, Ann, “ Building Global Awareness through Biology, Public Health and Study Abroad: How Science Study Can Prepare Students for Study Abroad, and How Study Abroad Can Prepare Scientists for Citizenship” in Brewer, Elizabeth and Cunningham, Kiran, eds, Integrating Study Abroad Into the Curriculum Theory and Practice across the Disciplines, Stylus Publishing, 2010

Jungck, John R, Fass, Marion Field, and Stanley, Ethel, Editors, Microbes Count!: Problem Posing, Problem Solving and Peer Persuasion in Microbiology, ASM Press, 2003

Fass, Marion Field, “Teaching Emerging Diseases: A strategy for succeeding with non-majors,”  Microbiology Education, Vol 1, No. 1, May, 2000.

Fass, Marion Field, Vahldieck, Linda M. and Meyer, Daniel, Teaching Patient Education to Residents, Society of Family Medicine, Kansas City, MO, 1983.