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Beloit Fiction Journal

James Brubaker: Two Books, One Year

September 30, 2014 at 7:56 pm
By Maureen Johnson

Brubaker Pilot SeasonJames Brubaker, author of "Malcom Stewart's 'A Catalog of Spatial Anomalies,' (Annotated by Wilt Rashau)" published in Volume 27 of The Beloit Fiction Journal, has published one book this year with another to be released in Nov. 2014.

Pilot Season, published by Sunnyoutside Press on March 18, 2014, is a "short volume of pilot episodes for fictional television shows," according to Brubaker's website. Author Gabriel Blackwell says, "James Brubaker’s very funny, very melancholy Pilot Season is a moving meditation on the things we leave unfinished."

Brubaker's second book of 2014, Liner Notes, won the Subtito Press Book Prize in Fiction in 2013. Liner Notes is a collection of short stories that Subtito Press describes as such, "Many of the stories are experimental, blending elements of meta-fiction and the absurd to explore characters’ relationships with music and with each other."


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