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Beloit Fiction Journal

Spring 2007

Volume 20 Contributors


Why We Are the Way We Are 

Amy Knox Brown


God's Own 

William Gladstone


Fungoo's Hockshop

Scott Miles


The Life and Habits of Rattus norvegicus 

Ehren Schimmel


The Firing Squad on Lake Minnetonka

Robert Lacy



Paul Hanstedt



Julian Hoffman


Found Objects A-Z

Michael Landweber



Alan E. Kennedy


Galileo, Out from under a Coperican Shadow

Aaron Hellem


The Rate of Accretion

Steve Wood


Mary as a Constellation

Francine Witte


Our Englishman, Mr. Wade

Anthony R. Lusvardi 

Spring 2007 Vol. 20

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Spring 2007 Vol. 20


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