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Beloit Fiction Journal

Spring 2001

Volume 14 Contributors


The Pool 

Laura Denham


Aerial Boundaries 

Dale Gregory Anderson


Super America 

Anne Panning


The Whitman Scholar 

Gabriel Welsch


June Wedding 

Ayse Papatya Bucak



Alicia Muñoz


The Scenic Wonders of America 

Stephen Graham Jones


The Nearly but Never 

Paul Hanstedt


Slipping Away 

Mary Potter Engel


Nothing Ever Happens in White America 

David Harris Ebenbach



Mary Angelee Seitz


Color Blind 

Nancy Roberts


How I Spent My Summer Vacation 

Susan Jackson Rodgers


Signs of Life 

Heather Lee Schroeder


Drawing the Body 

Susan Tekulve



Doug Heckman


The Economics of Love 

Charlotte Troyanowski


Math Is Sexy Because It Is, and It Isn't 

Scott Muskin


The Animal Part 

Laura White Schuett


Warriors of the Forgotten Kingdom 

David Crouse



Gary Fincke


Nazarene Sun 

Daniel S. Libman


The Edge of Solid Ground 

William Jablonsky


Ones and Sixes 

R.J. Curtis

Spring 2001 Vol. 14

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Spring 2001 Vol. 14


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