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Beloit Fiction Journal

Spring 2000

Volume 13 Contributors


The Diving Tower 

Mary Kenagy


Her Blue Rabbit 

Chris Fink


Coming Extractions 

Scott Renschler


Ghost Light 

Kathryn Stinson


Jane Stine's Breasts and the Car of Brains 

Richard Stolorow


What Comes Out of the Sawed Box 

Amy Stuber


Dream Group Forming 

Richard Cohen



Rachel Hall



Richard Stolorow


The Woman Who Saved My Life 

Laura L. Ruby



Edward Bartók-Baratta


The Body-Mind Connection 

Susan Streeter Carpenter


A Story with Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd In It 

Margaret M. Flynn


Cold Pelts 

Jason Sanford


Mons Split By Red 

Chip Gambill


How Blasphemy Sounds to God 

Gary Fincke


Acts of Provision 

Holly Bern


Training James 

Jonann Brady



Ryan G. Van Cleave


Black Apple 

Chris Carpenter



Gregg Fedchak



Nancy Pinard


Death in Unknown Throats 

Peter H. Conners


The Ocean at the End of the Street

Richard Stolorow 

Spring 2000 Vol. 13

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Spring 2000 Vol. 13


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