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Beloit Fiction Journal

Spring 1995

Volume 10 Contributors


Living Out Here

Julia Abbott Janeway


The Hole Story

Karen Heuler



Richard Cohen


Stealing What We Need

Becky Bradway


A Good Fit

Al Masarik


Topless in Tucson

Ron Wallace


Fourth of July

Donna D. Vitucci


My Father's Feet

Elizabeth Gallu


The Dreaming

Brian Swann


How They Healed

Mark Brazaitis


The Prisoner

Scott Ely


The Plaster Man

Maura Farrell



Daniel Jones


The Movies

Peter LaSalle


Shifman in Paradise

Gerald Shapiro



Ami Sands Brodoff



Nancy Roberts


Blue Souvenirs

William J. Cobb


What Every Woman Wants

Dale M. Kushner


West of the Moon

Scott Ragland



Florrie McMillan


Cowboy Pile

Andy Mozina

Spring 1995 Vol. 10

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Spring 1995 Vol. 10


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