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Beloit Fiction Journal

Spring 1989

Volume 4 No. 2 Contributors


Spook Light 

David Williams


The Good Donkey from Mohammedia 

Tony Ardizzone


Heading Out 

Sophia Canavos


The Muhlenberg County Dissatisfied

Housewives' Country & Western

Rifle Association  

Lesley E. Davis


The Odds Against Going to Heaven 

Joe Taylor



Thea Temple


Howard's Birthday

Stephen Dixon


High Dive 

Tim Johnston


The Names of the Moons of Mars 

Patricia Roth Schwartz


Shorter Stories 

Richard Kostelanetz


Notes from Poor Stephen's Almanac 

Johnny Payne


The Visitor 

Peter Kohler

Spring 1989 Vol 4, No 2

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Spring 1989 Vol 4, No 2