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Archived Alumni Profiles

Note: Profiles in this archive may contain outdated information as they describe our alumni and their accomplishments at the time when the profiles were first written.

Ted Serafini'05

, Law Student
American University in Washington D.C.

Not everyone can say their college years offered the chance to excel in two varsity sports, study economic growth with local business leaders, and prepare for a job on Capitol Hill. But Ted Serafini did all those things, and he did them at Beloit. Then, he applied his skills to some of the United States' most pressing issues: the Obama administration's trade policy.

As Deputy Assistant United States Trade Representative for Congressional Affairs, Ted advised Congress on trade topics, balancing the priorities of citizens and the President alike. The work required him to be an excellent communicator, an ability he honed at Beloit. "Beloit helps you develop a lot of skills: analytical reasoning, critical thinking, and good writing," he says. "You learn to express ideas verbally, too. In a small class, it's hard to hide, and you're expected to participate. It's kind of a training ground for what I've ended up doing on the Hill; you have to say things succinctly and get to the meat of an issue." Now, he uses those skills as a law student at American University.

Outside the classroom, Ted was able to apply his knowledge to a real-world problem. Through Beloit's community partnership program, Ted interned with a company looking to redevelop a vacant mall. He also got out into the world through athletics, lettering in basketball and football and tying an NCAA record for blocked kicks.

Beloit's supportive community was present in every part of Ted's life. "A great thing about Beloit is that people are comfortable being themselves," he says. "I became more comfortable being the person I was and developed meaningful relationships that are still important today."

Profile for Ted Serafini'05 was last updated on Jun 17, 2019.