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This is Beloit

There are more than 16,000 Beloit alumni around the world. They are writers, scientists, attorneys and CEOs; fundraisers and financiers, artists and actors, smoke-jumpers and small (and large) business owners. They are all these things and more.

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The Class of 2014

Want to learn more about the work recent Beloit graduates are doing? Read our March 2015 “First Destinations” report documenting where the Class of 2014 is already living, working, serving and heading.

Here’s a quick recap:

  • 94% are working or in nonprofit roles full-time or in graduate school
  • Living in 24 states and 6 countries
  • Employed by Foursquare, Ameriprise Financial, Women’s Campaign Fund, The Hunt Museum
  • Attending graduate school at M.I.T., Columbia, Northwestern, The Ohio State University