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Beloit Block Courses

Immerse yourself in a Beloit Summer Block
Beloit College started offering Summer Block courses in 2012. The block format allows students and faculty to deeply explore a course topic in a way that is often not possible in the regular academic year when both students and faculty balance multiple classes and commitments. Students concentrate on one course for three weeks and earn 1.0 unit of credit.


2015 Courses
Dates: May 20 - June 10

ANTH 100: Society and Culture
Faculty: Jennifer Esperanza

CLAS 201: Ghosts of Rome (study abroad)
Faculty: Lisl Walsh and Matthew Taylor

ENGL 205: Introduction to Creative Writing
Faculty:  Francesca Abbate

HEAL 235: Men's Health
Faculty:  Rongal Nikora

POLS 160: Intro to International Politics
Faculty:  Rachel Ellett

RLST 220: Reinventing Malcolm X
Faculty:  Debra Majeed