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International Blocks

International Blocks provide a unique opportunity for students to participate in a faculty-led course abroad. This year, Lisl Walsh and Matthew Taylor will take students to Rome, Italy.  

Tuition & Fees

Comprehensive Fee of $3,900 (including regular tuition $2,400 + program fee $1,500)

Other estimated expenses that students should plan for:

Roundtrip airfare to Rome approx. $1,100*

Airport shuttle to Rome city center $20

Approximate cost of meals in Rome $440 (students will stay in Airbnbs, and will be able to buy food and cook at home)

*When looking for flights, STA Travel is often a good resource to find affordable student fares.

Financial Assistance

Students can use their Field experience grants (FEG) to fund international blocks.

Registration and Dates

February 15. Deposits and Portal registration due ($1,000 to as "Summer Term - Beloit Blocks"). After February 15, all deposits are non refundable.