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[International Block 2018] The Way to Cuzco

Exploration and Encounter: The Way to Cuzco (Summer 2018)


 Beloit College is offering a pair of coordinated and interactive classes around a shared visit to Cuzco, Peru. A highland city surrounded by mountainous countryside, Cuzco is a bustling tourist city where global travelers and locals hike, work, study, dine, and dance together. As a monumental stone city initially constructed in the 15th century out of a small village, Cuzco was later seized by the Spaniards and became a site of drawn-out conflict and compromise between various religions, cultures, races, and ethnic groups.

Cuzco’s dynamic history and culture make for an ideal setting for Beloit students to put the liberal arts into practice. Students will travel through the urban capital and rural hinterlands, and participate in demonstrations, treks, and observational activities at markets, sacred pilgrimage centers, Inka palaces, and more. Some of the course reading and writing practice will be the same in both courses, and students will collaborate and engage each other on both their shared and respective writing practices.

Cuzco ANTH 275 (W, LAP-1) with Kylie Quave

This course explores cultural and historical themes from Cuzco’s past and present to introduce students to social science approaches to Andean people and landscapes.

WRIT 200/ENGL 223 (W, LAP-1) with Chuck Lewis

This course focuses on creative nonfiction and multi-modal composition about the history, landscape, and culture of the area, with some emphasis on the interplay of photography and writing.

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