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Financial Assistance


Advising Practicum is Friday, March 23. Use the full schedule to plan your day.

The Office of Summer Programs has lowered the cost of tuition for Summer Blocks 2018. If you are seeking financial aid, make sure to check the following resources.

Can I use my Field Experience Grant for a Summer Block?

Yes, students can apply their Field Experience Grant toward a Summer Block on campus or abroad. For details, check the Field Experience Program.

Can I apply any of my loan money for a Summer Block?

Students who have not used all of their federal direct loan allotment during the fall and spring semesters may have federal direct loan eligibility remaining that can be applied to Beloit Block courses. Please note that most students use their full allotment during the regular academic year. Please contact Student Financial Services to determine if you have federal loan eligibility available.

Do I have other loan options if I do not have federal direct loan eligibility remaining?

Federal PLUS loans are available to eligible parents to help pay for post-secondary education of their children.  Students can learn more about PLUS loans on Beloit's Financial Aid pages. To explore this possibility, please see the Financial Aid Office.

Students who plan on using federal direct loan eligibility or federal PLUS loans should make sure their plans are in order with the Student Financial Services Office by April to ensure sufficient processing time. We encourage students to start this process as soon as possible.  Please contact Student Financial Services with questions at 608.363.2663.