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Summer Block Courses

May 23 - June 13, 2018

Enjoy Beloit's vibrant campus at its best... in the summer!summer

Beloit Blocks offer participants the opportunity to immerse themselves in a fascinating topic and work closely with exceptional professors. During three weeks students and faculty engage deeply with issues in a way that is often not possible in the regular academic year when they need to balance multiple classes and commitments.

Beloit Blocks

Beloit Block courses take place on campus and are worth 1.0 unit of credit. A comprehensive fee of only $3,300 covers tuition, room and board, and related expenses for all summer Blocks on campus.

  • ANTH 375/CRIS 165: Migrants, Immigrants, and Refugees with Jennifer Esperanza
  • JOUR 125: Introduction to Journalism with Shawn Gillen
  • PHY 101: General Physics I with Britt Scharringhausen
  • RLST 220/CRIS 268: Reinventing Malcolm X with Debra Majeed

International Blocks

International Block courses involve travel to another country as a part of the course work and are worth 1.0 unit of credit. Fees and expenses for participating in an International Block depend on the course.

  • ANTH 275 & WRIT 200/ENGL223: Exploration and Encounter: The Way to Cuzco with Kylie Quave and Chuck Lewis