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Current Projects

Recent Clients

  • Downtown Beloit Association and Beloit 2020 and Ayres Associates (Beloit, WI)
  • Global Infrastructure Asset Management, LLC (Chicago, IL)
  • Education Equity, Inc. (Chicago, IL)
  • Beloit College Department of Economics (Beloit, WI)

Services Offered

  • Quantitative Analysis
  • Data Mining
  • In-Depth Focus Groups
  • Survey Research
  • Accounting and Financial Modeling
  • Marketing and Advertising

Belmark helps clients sift through the white noise and find answers that are most pertinent to growth. Belmark prides itself on being highly flexible and being able to adapt to meet the demands of each client and project. Customized research strategies produce quality results for clients on time, and within an affordable budget. Services range from the exact quantitative analysis of data and in-depth qualitative evaluation to the comprehensive use of focus groups, survey-tool design, and administration. In all cases, Belmark controls and accounts for response rates. As requested, presentation of results and methodologies are made in a forum selected by the client. Whether it is a bound report, an oral presentation, or through an alternative medium, no project is complete until the client is completely satisfied.