Tuition payments and all things money

Here’s what you need to know about tuition payment, financial aid, on-campus work study, and student employment.

Paying Your Tuition

The Accounting Office will mail your fall semester bill no later than June 24. Payment is due by August 12, 2016.

Payment options

Check payment

Please be sure your student name and ID number appear on checks. 

Make all checks payable to "Beloit College" and mail:

•  Checks paid by family or 529 plans to:

   Board of Trustees of Beloit College

   PO Box 681150

   Chicago, IL 60695-2150

•  Checks paid by foundations, scholarship agencies, or parent employers to:

   Beloit College Student Accounts

   700 College St., Box 33

   Beloit, WI  53511

•  Checks mailed by UPS or Fed Ex:

   J.P. Morgan Chase Bank NA

   131 S Dearborn, 6th Street

   Chicago, IL  60603

   Attn: Board of Trustees of Beloit College LXB 681150

Online payment options/monthly payment plans (TMS)

Beloit College contracts with TMS (Tuition Management Systems) to offer an interest-free monthly payment plan to families who are interested in spreading out their college costs over time. This option is not a loan, but rather a contract you establish with TMS to pay a certain amount over the course of the current academic year. 

TMS payment options include:

  • TMS monthly plan (up to a 10 month payment plan, July 2016-April 2017, for an annual fee of $65)
  • Pay-in-full electronic transfer (ACH transfer from a checking or savings account for no fee)
  • Pay-in-full credit card payment (MasterCard, Visa, Discover, or American Express for a 2.99% fee)

You can enroll online or by calling 800-722-4867.

Wire transfer information

JP Morgan Chase Bank

1 Chase Manhattan Plaza

New York, NY 10005-1402

ABA Routing Number: #021000021

Account name: Board of Trustees of Beloit College

Account number: #885253658

For: Student’s name and ID number (found on your bill)

International transfers must include a swift address: CHASUS33

Late payments

If your payment is late, you’ll be charged $175 unless you’ve made prior arrangements with the accounting office. Late payments may also result in not being able to register for classes and limited use of campus facilities.

If you have questions about your account, contact Accounting/Student Billing at 608-363-2207, 608-363-2239, or

Tuition Insurance Program

Beloit College offers an optional tuition insurance program. The Tuition Refund Plan through GradGuard, provides coverage for tuition, room, and board if you are required to withdraw from school due to a medical or mental health illness before the semester is complete. The program is designed to supplement Beloit College's standard refund policy.

Financial Aid

This spring, you received information about any financial aid you’ve been awarded. Additional communication about your financial aid will come to you via your Beloit College email address (which is one more reason to check it regularly!).

Federal Direct Student Loans

Available to students who are eligible to file a Free Application of Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), the Federal Direct Loan program allows you to borrow a fixed amount, determined by your year in school, each year you’re in college. The loan(s) may be subsidized or unsubsidized, depending on your eligibility.  Loans are processed online during the summer, prior to your arrival on-campus.

Federal Direct Parent Loan (PLUS)

The PLUS Loan allows a credit-worthy parent to borrow up to the difference between a student’s total cost of education and any aid they have been offered. Similar to the direct student loans, this will be processed during the summer before arriving at Beloit.

Work Study, Campus Employment, and Finding Jobs

Students whose financial aid packages include either work study or campus employment are given priority for job consideration.  If your financial aid award includes work study or campus employment, you are encouraged to find a position on campus within the first three weeks of class; during this time, campus supervisors will only be permitted to hire students who have work as part of their aid. Available positions will be posted online during the summer. Most positions pay Wisconsin minimum wage ($7.25/hour). More varied opportunities may exist for you after your first year.

It’s your responsibility to seek and secure work on campus. Food service (Bon Appetit) hires a significant number of students and has the most (and most flexible) hours. The student employment website is the primary source of position listings, though we encourage you to network with departments as soon as you arrive (or even prior to arrival).

If you have not been offered work study or campus employment as part of financial aid but want to work on campus, you may apply for positions starting September 12.

Applying your Earnings to your Tuition Balance and Direct Deposit

You can opt to have your earnings go toward your tuition on the same form you use to sign up for direct deposit. We'll help you take care of it on move-in day. If you don’t apply your work study wages to tuition, you'll receive payment for your earnings each month, which you can use to help cover indirect costs like books or travel. 

Work eligibility

To be eligible to work on campus, you must fill out an I-9 form, a W-4 form, and an earnings authorization form. Don't worry about completing these forms before arriving on campus; the Payroll Office will explain the details on move-in day. For that, you will need to bring the identification documents listed below. You will complete this paperwork in Pearson’s Hall right after you get your college ID photo taken.

Once your paperwork is processed, you’ll be given an Employment Authorization Card. This card verifies that you can legally begin working on campus.

Identification documents for paperwork—bring these with you!

The most common combinations of documents required to complete employment paperwork are listed below.

An unexpired U.S. passport or Permanent Resident Card


A driver’s license or student ID AND a social security card or birth certificate

   You must bring the original documents: copies don’t count.

You’ll also need a voided check or similar bank document with your bank’s name, your name, the bank’s routing number, and your bank account number to to enable direct deposit of financial aid refunds and earnings from your campus job.

A full list of accepted documents is available online.

What if I don’t have work study and I’m not planning to work on campus?

Fill out the paperwork anyway. Many students work on campus in some capacity during their four years, so why not get it on file?

Pay Periods

You’ll be paid on the 15th of each month for the previous month’s work.


Beloit College will withhold Wisconsin income tax from your wages unless you claim exemption from withholding as an Indiana, Kentucky, or Michigan resident. Illinois residents are subject to Illinois withholding. Your work study is exempt from Social Security and Medicare withholding.