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Transfer Students

We’re so glad that you found your way to Beloit College. We know it’s not easy to transfer schools in the middle of your college career, but we're confident that you’ll find your decision to become a Beloiter well worth it.

While you’ll prepare to come to Beloit in much the same way as first-year students do, a few things are different. Beloit College New Student Days, August 20-26, are an essential experience for all new students to become oriented to campus.

During the day, students attend an FYI seminar led by a faculty member who is also their academic advisor. In the evenings, students take part in a wide variety of informational and social activities. The detailed New Student Days/Orientation Schedule is available online.

The seminar focuses on classroom and co-curricular activities surrounding the required common text (to be read before New Student Days). You will meet other transfer students, both American and international, and begin to learn your way around Beloit College. Your seminar leader serves as your academic advisor until you declare a major.

A good student-advisor relationship is critical to the success of students and it is a role that Beloit College faculty members embrace with enthusiasm. They provide information on requirements, guide you in the course selection process, and generally help you learn how things work. Transfer students will work with their seminar leader/advisor, in conjunction with other appropriate faculty, to select appropriate coursework for their first term. Later, when you have declared a major, you will be assigned an advisor in the department of your major. Make sure you get to know your advisor and let him/her get to know you!