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Sexual Assault Prevention Program

Success™ Sexual Assault Prevention Program

Across college campuses in the United States, sexual assault is a concern. To make sure our campus is safe, informed, and prepared to make good decisions, Beloit College has chosen to be proactive. By partnering with Student Success™, a sexual assault awareness and prevention program, we prepare all incoming students to understand and know how to prevent sexual assault from occurring.

Instructions on how to access the program follow. Please complete it by July 31. You will participate in a follow up discussion in your evening seminar session on Wednesday, August 23.

If you haven’t completed this program by the deadline, you may not be allowed to register for classes.

Program Instructions

  • Step 1 (on or after June 2): Log on to the Student Success™ Sexual Assault Prevention Program at:
  • Step 2: Under “New Users” enter the following Access Code: 148405
    Note to International Students:
    Please watch Beloit College- Title IX Essentials for International Students first and then watch Beloit College Not Anymore second.  International students, if you have difficulties, please contact Shannon Jolly at
  • Step 3: Follow the instructions provided to complete the program. You will be asked to input your Beloit College email address and your Beloit College student ID number. It takes about 2 hours to complete the program. You will be allowed you to re-enter the program as a returning student and complete the program in several sittings, if you choose, without having to start over (you will must need to enter your email and password). You will retain access to the program until May 31, 2018 for reference purposes. You also will receive follow-up contacts from Student Success™ highlighting key program information.

If you have questions or concerns regarding this program, please contact Teresa Leopold at or 608-363-2661. 

If you have any technical difficulties with the program, please contact Student Success™ at or through the HELP button in the program.  

We thank you in advance for your diligent participation in this critical program. Through the Student Success™ Sexual Assault Prevention Program and our other campus efforts and resources, we are becoming a nationwide model for a safer campus.