Becoming a Beloiter: Living at Beloit College

Living at Beloit College

While you’ll spend a lot of time at Beloit in class, you’ll be living outside it. Here’s what you need to know about getting settled on campus.

Meal Plans

All first-year students need to stick to the college "Blue Tier" meal plan.

The Blue Plan has five options:

   20 meals/week + $100 in Flex/semester

   14 meals/week + $375 in Flex/semester (default)

   10 meals/week + $435 in Flex/semester

   7 meals/week + $525 in Flex/semester

   Block of 125 meals/semester + $385 Flex/semester

All new students are defaulted to the 14 meal plan + $375 Flex plan and can change this plan during the first 10 days on campus.

Flex dollars are used like real dollars; you can spend $1.00 on coffee or $20 on dinner.  Unused flex dollars will roll over from fall to spring terms, but will not roll over at the end of spring term.  DKs, Java Joint, Sunday night dinner in DKs, and late night snacks only accept flex dollars. A "meal" refers only to dining in Commons, while "flex dollars" can be used in Commons and elsewhere.

You can read more about meal plans online.

Housing/Roommate Assignment

You can expect to receive your housing and roommate assignment (along with your mailbox assignment) by mid-July. Before that time, the director of residential life considers your housing agreement and placement questionnaire information (due at the time you sent your enrollment deposit) to match you with someone compatible.

Most first-years are placed in double rooms. Occasionally, first-years have singles, triples, or, in rare instances, quads.

Residence Halls at Beloit

Once you get your housing assignment, you’ll want to learn all there is to know about your new home. We have photo slideshows and floor plans of each hall (click “Housing Options” > “Traditional Residence Halls”).

Resident Assistants

Resident Assistants (RAs) have your back. You’ll meet your hall’s RA on move-in day, when you’ll discuss your floor’s norms and the basics of on-campus living. S/he will be there throughout the academic year to help with any concerns you have about adjusting to college life.

What’s Provided in your Room

A chest of drawers, a mirror, a desk, a chair, a single bed and mattress (36’’x 80’’), blinds or drapes, and Internet and phone hook-ups.

Making it Home: What to bring

The list seems exhausting, but it’s basically common-sense stuff. Residential Life has partnered with an outside vendor to provide one-stop shopping for room essentials in comprehensive sets.


Pillows and pillow cases

Mattress pad


Alarm clock

Trash can

Telephone (the old-school kind/optional)

Dry-erase/message board for your door


Posters, wall hangings, etc.

Throw rug

Desk lamp (but no halogen bulbs!)



Flash drive

Cell phone and cell phone charger

School supplies: paper, pens, pencils, erasers, highlighters, paper clips, stapler, Post-its, calculator, tape, folders, planner

Plates, mugs, cups, silverware

Dish soap and sponge

Paper towels

Laundry detergent, hamper, quarters for laundry machines



Flip flops/shower shoes

Toiletry basket

Shampoo, conditioner, soap

Hair brush, other hair products

Band-Aids, first aid stuff


Contacts, contact solution, glasses

Medicine/prescriptions/lock box to put them in


Clothes for both warm and (very) cold weather

Gym clothes/shoes

Small sewing kit, toolkit

Water bottle, water filter

Computer, laptop charger, computer accessories including a surge protector power strip

What not to Bring

Halogen lamps

Pets (besides fish)

Weapons of any kind



Toaster ovens

Hot plates

Air conditioners

Smoking Policy

All Beloit College residence halls are smoke-free. In fact, it’s a city ordinance. Smoking is not allowed within 15 feet of building entrances and windows. Some students who have asthma or allergies can't be around smoke at all.

Mail, Shipping, and Mailboxes

You’ll get your campus mailbox number assignment via email in mid-July, with your housing assignment. Your college address format is:

[Your Name]

Beloit College Box [your box number]

700 College St.

Beloit, WI 53511

Please don’t ship anything to the college until the first week in August. The Mail Center can’t process and store packages until then.

The Mail Center is located on the lower level of Pearsons Hall.


Yes, you’re doing your own now. Washers and dryers are on the ground floor of each hall and are coin-operated ($1.25/load to wash, $1/load for 60 minutes of dryer time).


Most students use cell phones for local and long-distance calls. A land line connection is provided in your room though. Local and campus calls are free.

Refrigerators and Microwaves

You can rent a fridge and/or microwave for $50 each per academic year.  Reserve one ahead of time with a $10 deposit per item and the rental form.


We have two secure storage areas which are open by appointment. You can store large trunks, boxes, and plastic totes. You might be charged a small fee, depending on what you store.


Bringing a vehicle to campus is not recommended. A limited number of parking permits are available to students by lottery.  In order to be included in the lottery, you must complete the Vehicle Registration/Parking Permit Request Form on the Portal prior to July 1 (refer to the checklist). Parking permits cost $80 per semester.

Many services are either provided on-campus or within walking distance.  Regularly scheduled shuttles and city buses can get you to stores for groceries and other needs. Lots of students get around by bike!  The Enterprise CarShare Program offers another transportation alternative to licensed drivers.

City street parking requires cars to move every day.

Emergency alert system

The college has a campus alert system that is used to contact students, faculty, and staff in the event of an emergency or to share pressing college news.  The system simultaneously distributes messages via voice (phone), text message, and email, and it is tested each semester

Sexual Assault Awareness Assignment

To help ensure students arrive on campus ready to start a safe and healthy college life, we require you to complete a sexual assault awareness tutorial online and then participate in a discussion during New Student Days (you have to do it before you can register for classes).

Part of this assignment is reviewing the Student Regulations and College Policies Handbook (check out the Alcohol Policy, Sexual Assault and Misconduct Policies, and Harassment Policy under the “Handbooks and Policies” section here.  Bookmark this page for future questions! 

Emergency Contact Information

Log in to the Portal to give us this info (we’re required to have it on file). Find this item on the checklist for further instructions.

Use of preferred name on campus

To encourage a more open and welcoming campus community environment, we have a policy whereby any community member has the option to use a "preferred" first and/or middle name on campus wherever possible.  Watch for a mailing from us about this later in the summer.

Publicity Opt Out Form

You're going to have some great accomplishments in college-and at times we may want to share them publicly. For example, you may deliver your class's Commencement address, have the lead in a play, or break a college athletic record in your sport. If you don't want us to share accomplishments like these publicly, you may opt out using this form.

Living in Beloit, the City

Beloit College extends beyond campus proper. Several campus facilities, including CELEB (the entrepreneurship center), ABBA (the student-run art gallery), and the gorgeous Hendricks Center for the Arts are located downtown, as is Turtle Creek, the Beloit College bookstore.

Downtown Beloit is just down the hill from Beloit College. You’ll discover plenty of dining options within walking distance, the Saturday Farmers’ Market (which is renowned statewide), cafes, study spots with student specials, and plenty of places to take part in open mikes, trivia contests, and live music.

Take a look at our Google-based campus map, which includes running, biking, dining, and diversions features. You may want to read more about the city, see a list of local banks, pharmacies, and stores, and find out about the diverse religious communities and spiritual opportunities.