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Lingering questions? Please ask! Below are contacts for several campus offices. They’ll help you or direct you to someone who can.

You can also access the campus directory, which includes email addresses, online.

Academic Advising  608-363-2602 

Accounting  608-363-2224/608-363-2239

Admissions  608-363-2500 

Athletics/Sports Center  608-363-2296

Bookstore  608-363-2375

Dean of Students  608-363-2660

Financial Aid  608-363-2663

Food Service (Bon Appetit)  608-363-2927

FYI/Initiatives program  608-363-2661

Health Center  608-363-2331

Information Technology (IT)  608-363-2067

International Education 608-363-2269

Learning Enrichment and Disability Services  608-363-2572

Library  608-363-2230

Mail Center  608-363-2232

Payroll/Human Resources  608-363-2298

Registrar  608-363-2640

Residential Life  608-363-2350

Security and Safety  608-363-2355

Spiritual Life  608-363-2389

Student Engagement and Leadership/Orientation  608-363-2301

Student Excellence and Leadership (SEL)  608-363-2124

Summer Programs  608-363-2373


Can't find who you're looking for?

Contact Beloit College Information at 608-363-2000.


The mailing address for all faculty and staff is:

[Faculty/staff member/department name]

Beloit College

700 College Street

Beloit, WI 53511-5595