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Computing and Technology

You might love Beloit’s campus because of its ancient Indian mounds and historic 19th-century buildings. Luckily, you can enjoy them alongside 21st-century technology. Here’s how to get plugged in at Beloit.

Get in the “tank”…the Terrarium, that is!

Don’t just visit the Terrarium, make it your home(page)! From there, you can access email and the Portal (for personal and academic information), see campus news updates and event listings, as well as sell or trade items with other Beloiters on the Campus Billboard.

Email and More

Beloit College uses Google Apps for Education (GAE) for email. It also includes a calendar tool and a document management system. If you have a personal Gmail account, you already know how it works. To access your Beloit College email account, go to the Terrarium and link in through the “Email” button (you can also sign in at or

Make a habit of checking your Beloit account. Most communications you’ll receive before you arrive on campus will come via email, including your housing and roommate assignment, mailbox number, and financial aid information. Your Beloit email account will also be an essential tool for communicating with professors, staff, and students at Beloit College.

Username and Password

You received your Beloit College username and a temporary password by mail. Be sure to change your password immediately:

  1. Log in using your temporary password.
  2. In the upper right corner of your inbox, select Settings>Accounts>Google Account Settings>Security>Change password

This username and password will be used not only for email, but also for registering computers on the college network, and accessing Moodle (which some professors use to create online communities for classes) and the Portal.

The Portal

The Portal is an online application that gives students access to personal academic information: things like class schedules, grades and grade point averages, and transcripts. You’ll check semester grades here, register for courses, and update personal information. Also, several required forms are available via the Portal.  Log in at the Terrarium with the same username and password you use for email.

Technology Policies

To become familiar with the rules and regulations of Beloit computing, and the services the ISR (Information Services and Resources) division offers, read:

Ethical Use of Computing and Information Resources

Personally Owned Technology Policy

Computers Connected to the Beloit College Network Policy

Antivirus Software

All computers hooked up to Beloit’s network must have current antivirus software.

Hooking Up to the Network

On move-in day, your Resident Assistant or other Beloiters can show you how to register your computer, tablet, phone or other mobile device with the college network. College staff will be available in Mayer Hall to assist you.

Each student gets a wired port in her/his residence hall room. You’ll need an Ethernet cable to connect, either 14’ long (most rooms) or 25’ (some special cases). You can buy a cable from ISR’s Information Technology (IT) department, located on the second floor of Mayer Hall, for $5.


Beloit College offers wireless network access in most academic and administrative buildings.  Coverage ranges from 50% access to nearly 100% in these buildings.  Wireless also is accessible outside of Pearsons with significant outdoor coverage. 

Wireless coverage exists in about half of the residential buildings on campus. Please see the list of buildings. Personal wireless routers are not allowed in the buildings that have wireless coverage, but are supported in other buildings. Please refer to our Personal Wireless Router Policy for more information.

What kind of computer should I bring?

It’s up to you. Most students have laptops, either PC or Macintosh, and some bring tablets. Others have desktops and some students simply use the college’s many labs. See recommended hardware standards and  information on student computer discount opportunities.