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Computing and Technology

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At Beloit, we encourage connecting—on-campus, off-campus, and obviously online. Here’s how to get plugged in.

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  • Now – Password change/email set-up
  • July 15 – Emergency contact information
  • July 15 – Parental Education form
  • July 31 – Coming to Beloit online survey
  • July 31 – Sexual assault awareness assignment
  • August 1 – Use of preferred name on campus form (optional)
  • Optional – Publicity opt out form

Username and password

You’ll find your Beloit username and temporary password in the copy of the Becoming a Beloiter guide mailed to you. We highly recommend that you change your password immediately:

  1. Go to
  2. Follow the instructions to enroll and change your password in Beloit 
College’s password system.

You’ll use this username and new password not only for email, but also for registering computers on the college network, printing, and accessing the Portal and Moodle (which some professors use to create online communities for classes). In order to protect your private information, as well as the privacy of your classmates, it is crucial that you never share your password with anyone—including parents or friends.

Email and more

Beloit College uses G-Suite (Google Apps for Education) for email. G-Suite also includes a calendar tool and a document management system called “Drive” that has unlimited storage. To access your Beloit College email account, go to and enter your full email address as your username (

Make a habit of regularly checking your Beloit email account. Most communications you’ll receive this summer will come via email, including your housing and roommate assignment, mailbox number, and financial aid information. Your Beloit email will also be an essential tool for communicating with professors, staff, and students at Beloit College.

The Portal

The Portal is an online application that gives students access to personal academic information: things like class schedules, grades, and transcripts. You can also register for courses and update personal information. Many forms referred to in this booklet are available via the Portal under the “New Students” tab. Log in through campus resources 
or at

“Coming to Beloit” survey

Once you know how to navigate to the Portal, we highly encourage you to complete our survey about what it’s like to come to college. By taking this short survey, you’ll be able to see how current and former students describe their experience coming to college, and then share your own thoughts and feelings about becoming a Beloiter. Your input will help give future students a better idea of what to expect, helping to improve their transition! Please set aside 30 minutes to do this.

Sexual assault awareness assignment

To help ensure students arrive on campus ready to start a safe and healthy college life, we require you to complete a sexual assault awareness tutorial online and then participate in a discussion during New Student Days. Review the Student Regulations and College Policies Handbook (under “students > handbooks & policies”) on the Portal.

Parental Education Form

The Parental Education Form has two two short questions about the educational background of your parents. The information you provide will help us provide services to help students be successful at Beloit College. This form is found on the Portal.

Emergency information and alerts

Please share your emergency contact information through the Portal. You are required to have your emergency contact information on file. The college will use your emergency contact information to distribute messages with urgent information relevant to the campus. The emergency communication system simultaneously delivers messages via voice, text, and email.

Computers and Networking

What kind of computer should I bring?

All students can utilize Beloit’s many computer labs. However, most students choose to bring their own desktop, laptop, or tablet computer. For information on campus-licensed software available for your personal computer, recommended technology hardware standards, technology discount opportunities, and campus computer labs, visit our technology guide.

Antivirus software

All computers hooked up to Beloit’s network must have current antivirus software. You are welcome to use any antivirus software that you prefer, and Beloit College offers antivirus software to any currently enrolled students. 

Technology policies

For rules and regulations of Beloit computing, and the services the Beloit Information Technology Service department (BITS) offers, please read through the information technology policies.  Specifically, please read:

  • Ethical Use of Computing and Information Resources
  • Personally Owned Technology Policy
  • Computers Connected to the Beloit College Network Policy

Connecting to the network

On move-in day, your Resident Assistant or other Beloiters can show you how to register your computer, tablet, phone, or other mobile device with the college network. College staff will be available to assist you in Morse Library, Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Students can connect to the network through a wired port or wireless connection. Each student has a wired port in her/his/their residence hall room; to connect this way, you’ll need an Ethernet cable, either 14 feet long (most rooms) or 25 feet long. You may obtain a cable from the service desk in Morse Library.

Beloit College offers wireless network access in all academic, administrative, and residential buildings on campus. There is also significant outdoor wireless coverage outside of Pearsons Hall and the residential quad. Learn more about connecting to the wireless network (BCNet).

Personal wireless routers are not allowed in campus buildings. Please refer to our Personal Wireless Router Policy for more information.

Other communication-related things to know:

Use of preferred name on campus

To encourage a more open and welcoming campus community environment, we allow any community member the option of using a “preferred” first and/or middle name on campus wherever possible. If you would like to submit a request to use a preferred name on campus, please visit the Preferred Name Policy page. To ensure that your preferred name appears in a timely manner on class rosters, in Moodle, and throughout the Portal, we encourage you to submit your request no later than August 1.


All students are encouraged to have a cell phone. This is a main line of communication not only for our emergency alert system, but also for communication between students, as well as between students and faculty/staff. We do not provide phone service for students in the residence halls.

Publicity opt out form

You’re going to have some great accomplishments in college, and at times, we may want to share them publicly. For example, you may deliver your class’ Commencement address, become the lead in a play, or break a college athletic record in your sport.

If you don’t want us to share accomplishments like these publicly or to identify you if your photograph is taken by the college, you may opt out using this form.