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Academics and Course Registration

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Final transcript and AP/IB/GCE A-Level/college transfer credits

Once you have completed your studies at your current school and have graduated high school or finished your college exams, please arrange to have your final official transcript(s) sent to the Office of Admissions. If applicable, official results of your AP/IB/etc. exams should also be reported to Beloit College, so they can be evaluated for credit. Before New Student Days, your Beloit College transcript will be updated to reflect any credit received. You can view your transcript on the Portal.

Registering for Beloit courses

This summer, you might hear from friends attending other schools that they've already registered for their first-semester courses. You won't have, but don't fret: We've got you covered.

Incoming students will choose their courses and complete the registration process during New Student Days (August 19-23). During that time, you will have opportunities to talk with peer mentors and professors, and have started to see, in person, what the college has to offer. We think your experiences during New Student Days will help you make a more informed decision about what courses you want to take and what your schedule should be. You'll choose classes during a one-on-one meeting with your academic advisor (more details below).

Course load

Unlike some other colleges which describe classes in terms of "hours," classes at Beloit are measured in units. Standard courses count as one unit, and typically meet two (e.g. Tuesday and Thursday 10-11:50 a.m.) or three (e.g. Monday, Wednesday and Friday 10-11:05 a.m.) times every week.

Generally, students at Beloit College take four one-unit courses each semester, and you must be enrolled in at least three units to be considered full-time status. This is important for at least a couple of reasons: financial aid packages often require students to be enrolled full-time in order to receive funds, and if you plan to play a varsity sport, the NCAA dictates that you must be a full-time student. We will encourage you to choose courses in your first year that both allow you to dive into existing interests and also to explore courses throughout our curriculum. In the process, you will undoubtedly complete courses that fulfill graduation and/or major requirements.

You are welcome to begin exploring the courses that are being offered in Fall 2019:

  1. Go to the Portal, and clicking on the "course search" tab.
  2. From the "term" drop down menu, select "Fall Term 2019."
  3. View the complete schedule or use the dropdown menus to search for particular subject areas.
  4. To read more about a course, click on the course title for a full description. You will also want to check to see if a course has a prerequisite (a course that you have to take before you can take the one you are looking at). The prerequisites are often listed at the end of the course description.

Spark courses

Your Spark course is your first taste of the engaged, hands-on, eclectic, think-on-your-feet learning that defines a Beloit education. Each course is designed not only to "spark" your interest in a subject, but also to help ignite your excitement for and engagement in a liberal arts education.

Before you arrive on campus, you will select your top preferences for a Spark course. If you haven't already indicated your preference for your Spark course, go to The instructor of this semester-long course will also serve as your academic advisor until you declare your major, generally for your first two years. You'll meet your advisor during New Student Days, and they will help you choose the other courses you'll need for the semester. During this time, a dedicated Orientation Leader will also work alongside your Spark advisor to answer any questions, give you advice, and direct you to the resources you'll need to help make your first semester at college a success.

Some of the courses will be made up entirely of first-year students, and others will have both first-year students and continuing students. Professors' names and times are not listed with the descriptions—on purpose. We want you to choose a course that sounds interesting to you, regardless of what you think your major field might become. All Spark courses fulfill a college requirement, so feel free to choose anything from the list!

You'll find out which Spark course you're enrolled in by late summer.

Questionnaire for advisor

Help your academic advisor get to know you! Log in to the Portal, go to the "New Students" tab, and complete the questionnaire for your advisor by July 15.

Textbooks and course materials

Turtle Creek-Barnes & Noble is the official bookstore for Beloit College and is located at 444 East Grand Avenue in downtown Beloit. The bookstore provides all textbooks and various required course materials, along with many other services. Textbook options include: new, used, rental, digital, and digital rental.  Purchase of used or rental textbooks saves students 20 percent to 80 percent off the new purchase price. Textbooks can be purchased in store, or on the bookstore website at Students may opt to pick up their order, or shipping options are available.

Students are responsible for paying for their own textbooks out of pocket. These costs are not included in the cost of tuition. If you have paid your tuition in full, or contracted a payment plan with Tuition Management Systems (TMS), the Bursar's Office can also approve you to charge required course materials to your student account. You are still responsible for these costs. This is just an alternate payment option in which you would receive your bill for textbooks at a later date. If you're interested in this payment option, remember that you have to renew arrangements with the Bursar's Office each semester, in order to be continually able to charge materials at the bookstore.

Other services and offerings at the bookstore include: official Beloit clothing and gifts, office and art supplies, backpacks, computer accessories, software and computer discounts, regular book selection and study aids, greeting cards, care packages and more. To stay current on promotions and sales, sign up on the bookstore website, their Facebook page, or their free phone app at the Apple Store or Google Play. Just search, "My College Bookstore," then select Beloit College.