To read about Beloit’s Spring 2021 plans, visit our Back at Beloit information site.

Teaching & Learning

Our close relationships and meaningful, rigorous learning experiences will continue through a combination of in-person and remote teaching and learning. 

What to expect

Each of your courses will be offered in one of three formats: entirely online, hybrid, or in-person. You’ll see desks set apart, fewer people in each space, and lots of regular sanitizing of common surfaces. Larger classes may rotate subsets of students through the classroom or lab to reduce density. Advising, office hours, and other student support will be available online to everyone. And everyone will be expected to follow a set of protective practices in class and out.

Key Academic Dates

  • January 25 - February 5: Career Accelerator Program
  • February 15: Mod 1 and full term classes begin
  • April 1 - April 2: Mod 1 final exams
  • April 6: Mod 2 begins
  • May 6: Symposium Day
  • May 12: Spring Day
  • May 24 - May 25: Mod 2 and full term classes final exams
  • May 30: Commencement
  • May 31 - June 18: Summer Block Courses
  • June 21 - August 6: Center for Language Studies and Summer Mod Courses

Faculty have redesigned your courses to bring new flexibility to the academic rigor and engaging learning opportunities that are hallmarks of taking a class at Beloit. 

We hope all of our students will be able to join us on campus, so that you may continue building a community of life-long friends and participating in the engaging learning experiences that make Beloit, well, Beloit.

Whether you are back on campus or participating from a distance, we cannot wait to see you again. All of us are committed to helping you to continue to thrive in your classes and connect with your classmates. Always and forever, turtles all the way down. 

Mods: Shorter terms, fewer classes

We’re continuing the modular approach to classes: instead of taking 4+ classes at the same time, you’ll just focus on two* over a seven-week term. The Mods structure allows you the freedom to focus and dive deeply into fewer subjects. 

* Yes, you can take more than two (talk to your advisor).

As a full-time student, you must sign up for courses in both mods during online course registration.

Although the semester will be broken into mods, it will be treated as a single semester by the college as stipulated by the U.S. Department of Education. Students must take courses in both mods to qualify for financial aid for the semester and, to qualify as a full-time student, must be enrolled for a minimum of 3.0 units during the entire semester.

If you have concerns about eligibility for accommodations as you take in-person or virtual classes this fall, rest assured that the staff in the LEADS office, your academic advisor, and your professors will work with you. 

Need to stay home? No problem.

Whether your home is off-campus or on, we are instituting flexible class attendance policies to accommodate students missing class due to illness, self-quarantine, and/or isolation.

Though we expect the majority of students will be on campus, if you are unable to return to Beloit you will be able to make progress toward your degree. Contact your academic advisor or Academic Advising  to discuss your situation.

What if things change?

Our focus from the beginning has been on developing a plan that helps us change when needed. If local, national, or global conditions necessitate, we will be ready to shift to remote teaching and learning. 

Faculty resources

The Academic Affairs Teaching and Learning site provides teaching resources and other support for faculty as they transition to this new environment. 

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