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Student Activities

New policies and procedures will help keep our community healthy— and will make life on campus look and feel a little different.

We’ll work together and support each other to keep the Beloit spirit alive. Our campus community will continue to prioritize protective health practices, self-care, and care of others

Expect a mix of in-person and virtual activities and events

All in-person activities, events, and meetings must enable all attendees to comply with physical distancing guidelines at all times. If that is impossible, you may want to consider going virtual. 

Attendance at indoor and outdoor activities and events is restricted to current students, faculty, and staff.

Limits on gathering indoors

When planning for programs and activities, thoughtfully evaluate the need for in-person vs. virtual experiences. Choosing to hold an in-person event or gathering should happen if the programming goals cannot be met with virtual activities. 

Indoor gatherings in dorm rooms are limited to one person more than the assigned number of occupants. (If you live in a single, that means only one additional person may be in your room.)

Indoor gatherings in residential lounges are limited to posted capacity. Signs have been posted in all lounges.

Institutional funds, such as club funds, may not be used for dine-in meals at restaurants. Food that is obtained via carry-out or delivery is allowable, as long as expenditures are consistent with college financial policies and all personal protective practices are followed.

Innovate with outdoor gatherings 

In-person activities, events, and meetings should occur outside whenever possible. We’ll provide funds to incentivize student groups to move existing programming outdoors and to develop new outdoor activities.

We have invested in heaters, lights, and picnic tables to create great spaces for students to connect, host events, and hold parties.

And the Beloit Student Government (BSG) Social Response Group will support and promote sanctioned/safe programming that ensures life on campus remains vibrant.

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