To read about Beloit’s Fall 2020 plans, visit our Back at Beloit information site.

Operations & Facilities

Our offices will continue to deliver services in-person and virtually.  

On-campus operations

  • We are adding plexiglass barriers (sneeze guards) at service points and expanding touchless and virtual services.
  • In all buildings, physical distancing will be ensured by reconfiguring furniture, adding signage, and creating marked traffic patterns.  Signs on or near doors, stairways, and other spaces will guide the direction in, out, and through buildings. Elevator use should be limited to one occupant at a time unless occupants can adhere to the six-foot physical distancing standard.
  • Meetings with individuals or small groups will happen only in spaces where physical distancing is possible or will take place through video-conferencing.
  • Campus facilities will be cleaned and disinfected at least daily or between uses. All frequently touched surfaces (e.g., door handles, sink handles, drinking fountains, grab bars, hand railings, bathroom stalls, dining hall tables) will get increased cleaning.

Specific locations and services

The Powerhouse and Sports Center

The Powerhouse and Sports Center will be open with access limited to current students, faculty, and staff

The Morse Library

The Library will be open for current students, faculty, and staff. There will be no access for the public or alumni. Seating will be arranged to achieve physical distancing.

Mail Center

The Mail Center will continue to be open to the campus community. Services for the mail center will be expanded temporarily into Java Joint to accommodate distancing practices for picking up packages, belongings, and mail. 

The Logan Museum

The Museum will be open only for use by students as part of a course. The building will be closed to everyone else, including the public.

The Wright Museum

The Museum will be open only for use by students as part of a course. The building will be closed to everyone else, including the public.

Career and Community Engagement Center

Drop-in hours will be limited as will the duration of in-person appointments. As many appointments as possible will be conducted over Google Meet to minimize in-person contact.

Health & Wellness Center

In-person student health center visits will be available by appointment only and walk-ins will not be accommodated. In-person counseling visits will be available only with the mutual comfort of both counselors and students. Telehealth counseling visits will continue to be available.


Vans will be available for use under the terms of our personal protective measures with limits to occupants in the vehicles. Contact the Security Office.

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