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Catching Up With: Emily Foubert '09

April 7, 2017

All-MWC Academic:  2007, 2008
Career Statistics:  57 games, 7 goals, 3 assists, 17 points, 1 game-winner


Where were you from (when you came here) and where do you live now?
I grew up in Yellow Springs, OH. I now live in Sebastopol, CA.

What made you chose Beloit College?
A gut feeling. I was welcomed so whole-heartedly on campus during my visits. Professors, staff, and the soccer team made me feel at home. And if I had to give credit to one thing, it would have to be my stay with fellow soccer teammate Eva Crawford '07, who hosted me as prospective student in the 815 dorms. My now long time friend, Sara Kaniper '09 also was visiting that weekend and stayed with Eva, too. Both of them were so easy to get along with and I felt I had already made friends. I could picture myself at Beloit.

What was your position?
Midfield mostly. I kicked around at forward and outside mid sometimes, but I mostly loved center mid and played there often.

What did you major in at Beloit College?
Cultural Anthropology. Big shout out and lots of love to Dan Shea, professor of Archaeology, who died after my years at Beloit. Thanks for an adventurous field study in the Atacama dessert, Dan.I also minored in Spanish, but no record shows this. Modern language minors did not exist back then.

What is your current occupation?
Environmental Educator. I take people outside and teach them about ecosystems, wildlife, trees, geology, plants, cultural history, animal tracking, birds, etc.

How did Beloit prepare you for your current job?
I only took two science classes at Beloit. The Human Animal and Geological Processes. I was quite the social sciences gal back then. I took psychology, religious and biomedical ethics, and of course tons of Anthropology courses. I'd say that Beloit prepared me in many indirect ways. I did not pick up any education or environmental classes, besides geology, that pointed me toward being an outdoor educator. What Beloit did teach me was about perspectives in education. Each field has its own pedagogy, it seems. Psychology has a focus on the ego and behavior, Anthro has a self-introspective lens, and Modern languages often invite adventure and travel into the curriculum. You could call me a life long learner. I will always love understanding how we learn, why we learn. Professors at Beloit helped me discover that.

Were you involved with anything else on campus?

Theta Pi Gamma, Orchestra, Track, International Student Orientation Team with the OIE.

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