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Catching Up With: Amy Buechler '09

March 30, 2017

Career Statistics:  66 games, 11 goals, 5 assists, 27 points, 3 game-winners

Where were you from (when you came here) and where do you live now?
I grew up in Rapid City, SD and now I live in San Francisco.

What made you chose Beloit College?

My brother went to Beloit (and played soccer too). I visited him during the season and fell in love with Beloit. It didn't hurt that I visited during Playaz Ball! His teammates and friends at Beloit felt like family to me right away - everyone was so nice. I felt in my gut that I belonged at Beloit. I went home, did some research and discovered their distinguished Anthro program (my love at the time), applied, and the rest is history. Going to Beloit was one of the best decisions I've made in my life.

What was your position?
As a freshman I started as sweeper (and won Most Valuable Defensive Player, which I'm still super proud to have done as a newcomer). The next two years I played center mid (I won MVP my third year, when I was also team Captain and again -- I'm still so proud!!), and my last year I switched between center mid and forward.

What did you major in at Beloit College?

Political Science and French

What is your current occupation?
I'm a psychotherapist in private practice and the program director at Y Combinator, the world's best startup accelerator. I also provide executive coaching to the founders of the companies we fund.

How did Beloit prepare you for your current job?

My experience at Beloit didn't give me "job skills." That's not why those 4 years were valuable. Instead Beloit allowed me to grow into myself. It made me realize early on that everyone is wonderful because of how they're different, and gave me experience building a beautiful community out of a very diverse group of brilliant people. I developed a very deep sense of respect for other people because of that. As an RA and Head RA at Beloit, I gained tons of experience in supporting other people's paths and giving them the tools and guidance they needed to be their best selves which is what I do now as a therapist. I continue to "build quality relationships" (ResLife's motto) as a therapist and in my role at YC. I'm more aware of my impact on other people, group dynamics, and the needs of a diverse group because of all of my experiences at Beloit.

Were you involved with anything else on campus?

Oh yeah. I was way over involved to the point where my extracurriculars took precedence over my schoolwork (sorry again, Ann Davies! ;) I played soccer, was an RA for two years and Head RA for one, received a Venture Grant, an Honors Term, and I studied abroad. I played intramural volleyball like it was my job, was the student liaison to the International Education Committee, was in Theta Pi Gamma, tried to go to one different/new on-campus event every other day, and also tried to have a social life. I also set the Guinness World Record in Ultimate Frisbee. :) I sometimes wish I'd spent more time in class but I learned so much about myself and others outside of Middle College that I ultimately wouldn't change a thing. :)


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