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Wisconsin Private Colleges Meet Recap

October 17, 2017
By Noah Sisson

Watertown, WI -- Rainy, muddy, and chilly; three adjectives that describe the Wisconsin Private Schools Championship meet on Saturday in Watertown WI.

The Beloit Buccaneers ran through fields and forests in the midafternoon rain as both men and women raced simultaneously in an attempt to out run the encroaching lightning storm.

After the races an Award Ceremony was held to recognize the athletes that were named all-state athletes. Beloit had four men named, Daniel Arkes, Charles Sandberg, Forrest Lloyd, and Gunnar Fairbairn. The Bucs also had two women named, Miranda Simes and Jamie Manchen.

Leading off the men in 4th was Daniel Arkes (Junior, co-captain) finishing at 26:30.6 followed by Charles Sandberg (Sophomore) in 13th with a 27:34.7. In 19th place was Forrest Lloyd (Senior) at 27:54.3 while Gunnar Fairbairn (Freshman) finished two places behind in 21st with a 28:21.2. Finishing the scoring five for the men in 34th was Noah Sisson (Sophomore) with a 29:15.7.

Notice that with the exception of the fifth runner the men are running in tight pairs place wise working with each other throughout the race. Going into the Conference and Regional meets this group style of racing will undoubtedly be a factor.

Miranda Simes (Honors-term Senior) finished 8th with a 25:19.6 followed closely by Jamie Manchen (Junior) in 10th at 25:38.1. In 23rd was Sophia Miliotis (Junior) running a 26:51.4 while in 25th Fiona Cismedia (Freshman) ran a 26:57.2. Finishing for the Bucs was Britta Johnson in 33rd with a 27:25.8.

In terms of prediction for the upcoming conference and regional meets, the women are looking very solid with runners making almost constant improvements throughout the season.

As the athletes begin the peak in the next few weeks it will be exciting to see what happens.