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Bucs to Compete in Jack Sandler Classic

March 1, 2018

On Friday March 9th at 7pm at Jesuit College Preparatory School of Dallas in Dallas Texas, Beloit College Lacrosse will be playing in the Jack Sandler Classic versus Hendrix Lacrosse.

The Jack Sandler Classic was started by Rashad Devoe, Head Men’s Lacrosse Coach at Beloit College and Anthony Biondo, Head Men’s Lacrosse Coach at Hendrix College.

“The Jack Sandler Classic is more than a lacrosse event. It is a chance to celebrate the life of Jack Sandler the late coach of Colby College who passed away at the very young age of 35 from a heart attack. This event is to share Jacks’ story to those who may not know the impact he has had on the sport of lacrosse,” Coach Devoe explained.

Jack Sandler was dedicated to growing the sport of lacrosse his entire life. 

He humbly focused on being a well-rounded player and person, recognizing his strengths, and seeking out opportunities to let them grow and shine.  He sought out mentors, and grew to be their peers, friends, and competition. 

Best of all, Jack was a leader. 

He led his teammates, players, friends, family, and even brief acquaintances.  He inspired them to try harder, learn more, and shoot for the stars. 

In his time as a coach, he recruited lacrosse players from all walks of life.  Inner city athletes, benchwarmers, star players, others found their place with Jack.  If a young athlete had lost the love of the game, they'd find it under Jack's tutelage.  If they struggled to reach their potential, Jack was there to motivate them. 

“We are honored and proud to be apart of this event and keep Jack's legacy alive, Jack loved growing the game and spent a lot of time doing that in Dallas, so this is the perfect place to have the game. He did a lot for Texas lacrosse,”  said Coach Devoe.

To learn more about Jack Sandler please go to  and support the Jack Sandler Foundation