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Athletics News

Bucs Drop One To Visiting Knights

September 3, 2017

Beloit, WI -- The visiting Knights of Wartburg College proved to be a tough opponent for the Buccaneers, as Wartburg walked away from Strong Stadium with a 9-0 Win.

In the singles competition, Wartburg was able to close out 6 matches, while holding the Bucs to a maximum of 2 points. 

Hayden Lamphere was unable to register a point in her singles match-up, falling 6-0,6-0. Priya Heinen scored once in both games, falling 6-1,6-1. Meghan Davis scored three times, falling 6-2, then 6-1. Emma Hahn kept up the consistency against a tough match-up, falling 6-2,6-2. Jamie Kelly fell 6-0,6-2, and Rose Williams fell 6-0,6-1. 

In doubles, Hayden Lamphere and Meghan Davis registered two points against the pairing of Ashley Rottinghaus and Alex Petersen, but ultimately fell 8-2. 

The other two doubles matches, Priya Heinen and Emma Hahn against Hannah Fox and Lauren O'Brian, and Jamie Kelly and Rose Williams against Sydney Powers and Gabby Olejniczak were both 8-0 decisions. 

Beloit is next up against Lake Forest College this weekend, as the triangular match-up continues.